At the apex of NGN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. structure is the Board of Directors, the highest management level body that leads the way forward. The board ensures that NGN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. strictly adheres to the principles of corporate governance policies and practices directed at profitability, liquidity and growth of the Company. Our board of directors conducts transparent and responsible management based on advanced, board centered corporate governance.

The principles, policies and practices of NGN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are reflected in the Company’s Systems and Process Manual Book and the Company’s Service Rule Book. People management is the key to realizing the ambitious aspirations of NGN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

The Middle-Level Management team comprises of heads of divisions and sectors. Their core responsibility is to reach their division and branch office revenue targets.

The Junior Level Management comprises of executives below the line of managers who are responsible for carrying out business and work transactions under the supervision of their respective managers.

The Pool Staff comprises of support staffs who are engaged in sync with our single goal of the year on profitability, liquidity and growth of the Company. 

There are no silos in our company and therefore we get the job done.