Technical Sales & Support Division

Our Service Desk is our quick response to our IT service management (ITSM) to our customers.  It is a Single Point of Contact (“SPOC”) to meet the communication needs of our customers who run business-critical operations on IT infrastructure built by us. 

A service Hot Line 350179 directly lands on our Service Desk Representative who is our central point of contact between our technical team and our customers. 

Our technical support is organized on 4 Tiered International Support Model which follow the Level 1 (L1); Level 2 (L2); Level 3 (L3) and Level 4 (L4) structures. Our common support structure, however, revolves around the aforementioned L1 to L3 technical support where all incidents are resolved.  Rarely an incident is required to escalate to L4.  At L4 the Company CEO personally takes the ownership for the swift resolution of the incident.

Division Head
  • Karna Gurung Manager - TSSD

    Tel: +975-2-350333, Ext. 206        Mobile # +975-17140130                Mail ID :